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Building regs for new build properties require very energy efficient fans, as some run continually at a very low rate.
All the fans here are a selection from our energy saving extractor fans range that have special EC/DC motors, meaning they are much more efficient (in terms of power used per amount of air moved) than the current AC motors.
Over the next few years AC motors will slowly be phased out in favour of these new types of energy saving fans, in all applications.
Upgrading to EC fans offers the following key benefits.:
Upto 70% reduction in energy consumption, integrated & infinitely variable speed control and payback periods as low as 2 years.
They are normally directly interchangeable with their inefficient predecessors, allowing for simple replacement with minimal disruption.
The fans below are the next generation and the range will soon expand. We will be adding them as they appear.
Whilst they are currently a little more expensive they will soon pay for themselves with reduced running costs..

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  • Axial fans of the range AW EC Sileo are driven by high efficient, energy saving EC-external rotor motors. The power electronics is integrated in the motor casing/terminal box. All motors are suitable to be used for 50/60Hz. The input voltage for ...
    Model : AWSILEOEC

    Our Price:  £149.99

  • CAB ECOWATT 230V50/60HZ VE Low profile acoustic cabinet fans, manufactured from galvanised sheet steel and internally lined with 50mm thickness of fireproof acoustic insulation (M0), with sound-absorbent insulation at the inlet. All models inco ...
    Model : CAB-ECO

    Our Price:  £399.00

  • This runs continuously but is DE-centralised, ie. units are place around the house. Awarded Air movement product of the year 2013. The ECO dMEV has been designed and developed to offer the market a constant volume, continuously running decentralise ...
    Model : ECO dMEV

    Our Price:  £99.00

  • The EcoAir Ecowatt is a range of 100 mm domestic centrifugal extract fans for wall or ceiling installations, designed for constant volume continuously running operation with wired boost option in utility rooms and bathrooms. Trickle speed (constan ...
    Model : Eco-air

    Our Price:  £89.99

  • Whole house heat recovery unit with a high-efficiency heat exchanger up to 92% with constant flow, setting and very low consumption DC motor. Provides a constant supply of fresh tempered air into the living spaces of a home whilst extracting condens ...
    Model : IDEO

    Our Price:  £2,189.00

  • EC-motors, high level of efficiency 100% speed controllable Integrated motor protection Supplied with mounting bracket EC technology is intelligent technology; using integral electronic control which eliminates the slip losses in the motor and ...
    Model : K 160 EC

    Our Price:  £187.99

  • KD Mixed Flow Inline fan with EC technology; using integral electronic control which eliminates the slip losses in the motor and ensures that the motor always runs at optimal load and guarantees that the proportion of energy utilized effectively is m ...
    Model : KD-EC

    Our Price:  £665.00

  • The OZEO is centrally located in either the loft space or a hallway cupboard with ducts running from the unit to the kitchen, bathroom, en-suite and other wet rooms. Ideal for houses, apartments and communal residences with kitchen and wet rooms, ...
    Model : ECOOZ-E

    Our Price:  £269.00

  • A new product from Systemair similar to the Etaline and TD range. This is the high energy efficiency variety  Speed-controllable 1300 m3/hr  Integral thermal contacts  Can be installed in any position  Compact design  Low SFP values and hi ...
    Model : PRIO-EC

    Our Price:  £298.70

  • This is the DC motor extra efficiency version, 5W only. The ECOWATT series are especially recommended for toilets, bathrooms and installations where the extractor will require long working hours resulting in a considerable reduction in running costs ...
    Model : SILDES100ECO

    Our Price:  £59.99

  • NEW IN- S&P TD-ECOWATT Inline Mixed Flow Fan with Brush-less DC Motor, energy efficient fan with a reduction of power consumption of up to 55%. Range of Low Profile Mixed flow fans with ball bearings and brush-less DC motors, of high efficiency an ...
    Model : TD-ECOWATT

    Our Price:  £129.00

  • TD-SILENT ECOWATT - MODELS 350 to 1000 Low profile "Mixed-flow" fans with sound-absorbent insulation, extremely quiet, fan casing manufactured in plastic material, with a specially designed internal skin to direct the sound waves at the right angle ...
    Model : TDSILENT-ECO

    Our Price:  £165.00

  • Roof mounted mixed flow fans, low energy consumption. -Models 500 and 800: Body injection moulded in thermoplastic material. Base and cowl made of sheet steel, protected against corrosion by black polyester coating. -Models 1300 y 2000: Body and ...
    Model : TH-ECO

    Our Price:  £299.00

  • Vectaire Elegance Range is SAP Q eligible (dMEV) ultra modern, technically innovative high performance, low noise level fan to exhaust air and fumes directly outside (through wall, or window installation with additional window kit, or with medium len ...
    Model : EL1003

    Our Price:  £99.00

  • In-line centrifugal duct fans suitable for wide range of general residential, commercial and industrial exhaust or supply ventilation applications. Description Circular in-line duct fans from 100 to 400 mm diameter. Models are suitable for mounting i ...
    Model : VENT-ECO

    Our Price:  £166.00

  • The VTC Low E heat recovery ventilation unit is double skinned to ensure quiet operation, and to prevent condensation. The unit is equipped with single inlet centrifugal fans on inlet and extract, filters on fresh air inlet and extract, counterflow h ...
    Model : VTC-LOW

    Our Price:  £755.00

Displaying 1 to 16 (of 16 products)
Result Pages:  1