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  1. Etaline 150mm - EL 150L E2 01

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    ETALine is a completely new developed fan series with a lot of aerodynamic constructional features applied for the first time in the ventilator industry.
    Outstanding qualities are the compactness and the extremely high efficiency which is more than 50% above other duct fan constructions.
    Due to the high aerodynamic efficiency ETALine is also extremely quiet.
    ETALine with its economical alternating current (AC) motors exceeds the efficiency of conventional fans with three-phase alternating current.
    The results represent a milestone in the history of the ventilation industry. A leap in technological innovation of this kind, particularly in terms of efficiency, is unparalleled in fan manufacturing.
    The facts speak for themselves, 50% increase in fan efficiency. Power consumption down by 30%. Caring for the environment. Reducing budgeting costs. Around 70 to 90% of the total costs of an installed fan is down to electricity charges. These will be cut by 30% with Etaline!

    * 230 Volts
    * 50 Hz
    * 124 Watts
    * 770m³/h
    * Ø 150 mm

    These fans are the lastest technological breakthrough in terms of efficiency and power.
    Join the Etaline revolution..

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