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  1. Heat Recovery Units - VX400 Series

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    The VX heat recovery units are complete plug & play ventilation units ideal for offices and homes.
    * User friendly controlling by the integrated and/or separate control panel
    * Automatic de-frosting for all operating conditions
    * Integral filter monitor and heater battery.
    * EU7 fine filter for supply-air
    * Cross flow heat exchanger
    * Demand control

    The 'E' model has insulated double skinned panels with 50mm thick insulation for installation in cold areas and lies on its side. Controller not included.

    The EV model is wall mounted and has access available from both sides for ease of maintenance. (Select left or right access)
    E.g. for right-hand version (R), the supply air connection is on the top of the unit to the right hand side, with integrated controller.

    The casing is manufactured from galvanised sheet steel, double skinned with 30 mm of insulation.
    All versions have automatic defrost function for cold weather.
    Consists of filters, (in and out), de-frosting thermostat, electric heater battery. thermostat and condensate drain.
    Air flow, supply air temperature and filter change interval are set on the integrated control panel (On the EVL and EVR models) and/or from one (or several) external mounted control panels type CE.
    A complete heat recovery unit.

    Technical Data
    Voltage Frequency V/ 50 Hz 230-240
    Input power, Motors Watts 2 x 138
    Input power, Heater Battery Watts 1670
    Mains Fuse Amps 10
    Weight Kg 47
    Filter, Supply Air EU7
    Filter, Exhaust Air G3
    Uses 160mm spigots

    Download more information HERE.

    For a higher powered version for larger premises try the VX700-EV


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