Silent 100 Design Extractor Fan

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Silent 100 Design Extractor Fan

Silent 100 Design Extractor Fan
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SILENT technology just got even more appealing

Incorporating patented silent technology, the SILENT 100 Design fan brings style and elegance to any modern bathroom.

With whisper-quiet noise levels of only 26.5 dB(A) and an incredibly low power consumption of only 8 Watts, the SILENT 100 Design is the perfect solution for todays energy-efficient demands.

Highly versatile, the fan is suitable for wall and ceiling installations and is available with timer and humidity sensor options.

• Low Power Consumption - 8 watts
• 100mm Ducting Spigot. (4 inch)
• Sealed for life ball bearings
• Silent elastic blocks
• Backdraught shutters and airflowguide vanes as standard
• Standard thermal overload protection
• IP45 rated so suitable for use in all zones.
• 85m3/hour
• Incredibly silent running
• High performance
• Significant energy savings
• Interchangeable coloured strips
• Complies with building regulations

Download Specifications HERE.
Manufactured by Soleur & Palau, a major European manufacturer of commercial fans.

DES 100S model is the standard version, includes a backdraft shutter.

DES 100T model have an adjustable timer. After disconnection, shut off time can be delayed between 1 and 30 minutes.

DES 100H models with adjustable humidistat. The level of humidity for the bathroom can be chosen from between 60 and 90% RH. The extract fan will continue to work long enough to reach the selected level.

DES 100P model is the standard version with an integral pullcord, includes a backdraft shutter. NB: the DES 100P version is resourced from Envirovent UK - manufactured by S&P..

All models of the Silent 100 Design range are also available in a Silver finish. For silver models, please choose the additional option above.

If a new installation, will also need and an external grill, some ducting and some clips.

  • Silent 100 Design Extractor Fan
  • Silent 100 Design Extractor Fan