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  1. Gorilla HVLS De-stratification fans.

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    • High efficiency EC brushless motor
    • 400Vac/3ph/50-60Hz, IP65 Suitable for S1 continuous service
    • Embedded electronic system
    • Gearless for silent operation
    • Strong main security wire
    • Additional stabilizing wires
    • Hub safety ring
    • Heavy duty construction
    • Robust anodised extruded blades
    • Special design airfoil
    • Aerodynamically shaped blade terminal for better performance and noise reduction
    • Plastic hub cover for better aesthetics and dust protection

    The Gorilla X range can save energy costs and increase productivity while respecting the environment. The X range of destratification fans are designed to be installed in the ceiling space to redistribute warm air towards floor level, where it’s needed most. The high volume, low speed (HVLS) fans generate a gentle, slow moving airstream which covers a large area even when they are installed in a very high ceiling.

    Winter Destratification
    In winter, warm heated air rises to the highest point of an enclosed area, thereby causing cooler air to reside at floor level. Traditionally temperatures have been maintained at floor level by continued and prolonged use of heaters, resulting in much higher fuel consumption and relative energy expenditure. A HVLS fan increases comfort for occupants and reduces inflated energy costs in winter by maintaining an even temperature throughout.

    Summer Comfort
    In summer, an efficient and continuous air circulation provided by a HVLS fan, creates a natural evaporative cooling effect for occupants. It also eliminates hot and cool spots in the building by improving the internal environment, making the air-conditioning system work less and preventing large internal atmospheric losses each time doors and windows are opened.

    These fans are made to order. Various sizes available, please contact us for details.

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