• Model:MPS-D2

Acoustic Commercial Kitchen Inline Exhaust Fan - MPS (Three Phase)

£ 614.25 (excl. VAT)

£ 737.10 (inc. VAT)

Range of German made kitchen exhaust fans with motor out of airstream and grease drainage facility.
Weather housings and also available making them suitable for outdoor mounting.

* Motor can be regulated using voltage reduction.
* Terminal connections for thermal contacts.
* IP 54 degree of protection for closed housing covers as well as duct connections fitted on the inlet and outlet sides.
* Models 225-D2 ~ 315-D2 supplied with 2-pole motors.
* Models 315-D4 ~ 560-D4 supplied with 4-pole motors.
* Max. medium temperature 120°C
* Motor outside of air stream
* Speed controllable
* Swing-out fan unit
* With condensate and grease drain

Mounting instructions
* Installation with upward, right-hand or left-hand exhaust socket.
* If the unit is mounted with the exhaust socket pointing to the left or the right, the service door must be altered by the customer.

Model 225-D2 has a 200mm spigot. Max Airflow 1960 m3/hr
Model 250-D2 has a 250mm spigot. Max Airflow 2730 m3/hr
Model 280-D2 has a 315mm spigot. Max Airflow 3350 m3/hr
Model 315-D2 has a 354mm spigot Max Airflow 4520 m3/hr
Model 315-D4 has a 354mm spigot Max Airflow 3580 m3/hr
Model 355-D4 has a 354mm spigot Max Airflow 4350 m3/hr
Model 450-D4 has a 354mm spigot. Max Airflow 6660 m3/hr
Model 500-D4 has a 400mm spigot. Max Airflow 7890 m3/hr
Model 560-D4 has a 500mm spigot. Max Airflow 11840 m3/hr
All above at free air.

Link to the manufacturers website with extra information HERE

Available Options

1 x Duct Termination with Mesh - 710mm1 x B-flow Impeller HCBB/T-560mm1 x Ducting T Piece Equal - 100mm1 x Elta Qube SQU Centrifugal Box Fan - SQU1/4-3HT - Three Phase1 x TD-SILENT 2000/3151 x BDS 400/450 RA b/d shutter1 x Quietflow SQS315-1ECL - Centrifugal Box Fan1 x BDS 200/250 RA b/d shutter1 x Elta Qube SQU Centrifugal Box Fan - SQU1/4-3 - Three Phase1 x Duct Suspension Rings - 300mm1 x Run On Timer - 5s - 4hrs - RT5A1 x Time Delay Unit - DT20B1 x Acoustic Box Fans (Inline) - CAB-315 RE1 x Flanged Spigot - 300mm1 x HCFT/4-630mm plastic impeller plate fan1 x Helios HQW-500/6 - IP551 x FSD-TD 350 x 350 Fire and Smoke Damper, S, EASY FIX AF, GALV Case, GALV Blades, PM230-TF (SC)1 x EBM Papst W3G630-GG97-011 x Duct Fast Clamps - 200mm1 x Soler & Palau - HCBT/6-500/H - IP651 x HCFT/4-5001 x FSD-C Single Blade Fire/Smoke Damper - 150mm ( NO ACTUATOR)1 x Biflow SB250-CON4-1 - High Temperature Bifurcated Fan1 x Contra Rotating TCBBx2-630 Cased Axial - Single Phase - IP65 - Soler & Palau1 x Curved boot - 200mm1 x Elta Wall Cowl SWC35/401 x Soler & Palau - HCBB/6-450/H - IP651 x FSD-TD Fire and Smoke Damper, 700mm x 150mm, EASY FIX AF, GALV Case, GALV Blades, PM24-TF1 x Elta Wall Cowl SWC25/311 x Centrifugal Roof Mounted Fans MAX-TEMP CTVB / CTVT Series - Vertical Discharge1 x S & P Aluminium Axial Fan Louvre Shutter - PER-CR- 5001 x Male Ducting Connector - 450mm1 x Classic SAX30/12ARB Wall Mounted1 x CBM 7-7 72w 6P C VR1 x CBM 9-9 550w 4P CM 3-Phase1 x Easy-fix termination kit - EFT1 x Elta SPA630/6-1AC - IP541 x HCBT-4/500-H - Three Phase 400v Only - 56033228001 x Elta SCP500-1EC - IP551 x Ducting 90 Degree Bend - 450mm1 x Soler & Palau - HCBB/6-500/H - IP651 x HRT/6-630/35-BZ E111 x HCFB/4-630mm plastic impeller plate fan
Transformer (silent) speed controller - RE 1.5 Amp
Transformer (silent) speed controller - RE 1.5 Amp
£ 103.95

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