• Model:MINIBOX-315

Acoustic MiniBox Fan - MINI-BOX 315

£ 292.95 (excl. VAT)

£ 351.54 (inc. VAT)

The MINI-BOX series consists of centrifugal in-line fans, with acoustically insulated casing and with round spigot (diameter from 100mm to 315mm) for easy connection to round duct system.

Main features of this range are: modularity, extremely quiet operation, reduced dimensions and ease of installation (thanks to included support bracket) and maintenance (thanks to accessible motor/impellor).

The ultra-slim shape of these fans make them ideal for false ceiling installation in houses, offices, public premises…
They are suitable to convey clean air with a temperature range from -10°C to +60°C.

Max Airflow: 1148 m3/h
Max Power: 350 Watts
Max Current: 1.14 Amps
Sound pressure Level (dB(A))@3m: 36db - Radiated
Temperature Range: -10/+60*C
Weight: 17.4 Kgs
Part Code: 1MB3155

• Casing in galvanized steel sheet, lined with acoustic insulation (thickness 10 mm).
• Single-phase electric motor, IP44, class F, with thermal protection, suitable for speed control.
• Fitting bracket
• Backward curved impeller with high efficiency and low noise level.
• Outer terminal box IP55.
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Minibox Series

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