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Acoustic MiniBox Fan - MINI-BOX

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Another recent addition to our range, this time resulting from a search for slimline acoustic fans for ceilings and other small spaces. This range also has a 100mm version which we know will be useful for domestic installations, as most other makes start at 125mm and are physically much larger.
Amazingly, these fans are still quieter than most other acoustic fans.
The specifications speak for themselves..

The MINI-BOX series consists of centrifugal in-line fans, with acoustically insulated casing and with round spigot (diameter from 100mm to 315mm) for easy connection to round duct system.
Main features of this range are: modularity, extremely quit operation, reduced dimensions and ease of installation (thanks to included support bracket) and maintenance (thanks to accessible motor/impellor).
The ultra-slim shape of these fans make them ideal for false ceiling installation in houses, offices, public premises…
They are suitable to convey clean air up to a maximum temperature to 60°C.

Sound Levels
Note: For comparative purposes given at 3 meters.
(The manufacturer gives them at 1.5 meters)
100mm - 19 db(A) @3m - 270m3/hr
125mm - 19 db(A) @3m - 333m3/hr
150mm - 32 db(A) @3m - 410m3/hr
200mm - 27 db(A) @3m - 654m3/hr
250mm - 36 db(A) @3m - 1034m3/hr
315mm - 36 db(A) @3m - 1148m3/hr

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