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  1. JM Aerofoil-50JM/20/6/32 Single Phase

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    JM Aerofoil - 500mm

    All fans are tested to the latest internationally recognised standard IS05801 Part 1 (1997), installation category D (AMCA approved) for aerodynamic performance and BS848 Part 2 (1985) for acoustic performance. Coupled with a wide range of fan diameters, the adjustable pitch Aerofoil impeller gives the exact performance required, with a non overloading fan characteristic.

    A unique high efficiency aerofoil section blade with a purposely smoothed hub and clamp plate for adjustable pitch angle availability.
    The Fläkt Woods impellers are all high pressure die cast to offer thin aerofoil sections for low generation of noise. Every cast aluminium component is X-ray examined using Real Time Radiography inspection prior to assembly. The maximum pitch angles shown allow for speed control by frequency inverter (3ph only).

    All motors are totally enclosed air stream rated class F insulation. Constructed from aluminium or cast iron as standard with special ‘T’ slot or pad mounted fixings. Single speed motors are suitable for speed control by voltage regulation where indicated. Three phase motors are suitable for use with frequency inverters. Two speed motors where available are pole change type. Suitable for horizontal through to vertical shaft operation. Supplied IP55, with removable drain plugs. Sealed for life bearings lubricated with wide temperature range grease. The BT and CT frames are fitted with overheat protection thermostat as standard. 80-160 frame motors are fitted with Thermistor OHP. These motors are suitable for inverter speed control down to 20% of full speed and where within scope incorporate IE2 compliant motors.

    -40°C to 50°C as standard. (All motors are not suitable for starting at temperatures lower than -20°C.). When fans are operating in excess of 50°C they should be run at full speed only, fans can be operated up to 70°C with appropriate deration of motors.
    Most standard 3 Ph fans can be offered for a one off emergency operation at 200 ̊C for 2 hour

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