Just Fans operating during lockdown restrictions.

Just Fans Ltd Company Statement

We are still shipping to Europe.
All Customers from outside the UK will NOT be charged VAT on their orders. This is will be collected in your own country, where our international courier (FedEx) will pay and request this payment along with a handling fee. It is likely to be approx €13 (in the EU) for the handling fee. Local import taxes will vary but will normally be roughly equal to the 20% VAT we no longer charge.
Just Fans will also continue to comply to all current EU GDPR privacy regulations.

In regards to the current pandemic, we would like to share some important information with you to keep you up to date with our operations.

Our walk in trade counter is currently closed, unless by prior arrangement.

Our focus remains on providing an uninterrupted service to customers whilst remaining diligent and responsive to government recommendations and guidance.

Please be aware we are very busy and short staffed currently, so some telephone calls may go unanswered if all lines are busy. It is best to email if possible.

We are continuing to work closely with our carriers and suppliers and as the situation develops we will communicate any issues if and when they occur.

Whilst we are doing our best to perform a normal service there may be inevitable delays due to staff restructuring, supplier issues and remote working. For time critcal orders please inform us, preferrably by email.

Orders to hospitals and health agencies will obviously take priority. If we are unable to supply due to supplier issues you will be informed as soon as we are aware.

We sincerely wish that the impact on our customers, their families and their businesses, is minimal. If you did have any additional questions please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

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Transformer (silent) speed controller - RE
Transformer (silent) speed controller - RE

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