• Model:EC-BasicT

EC-Basic-T temperature

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EC-Basic-T temperature
Art no: 24805

• Simple to install, connect and set up
• 50/60HZ mains option
• Can be used with all 220V single phase and 380V three phase EC fans
• Built in sensor
• Conforms to CE standards EN 60730-1, EN 61000-6-3, EN 61000-6-1
• Demand control made simple

The controller compares room temperature with an adjustable set point and regulates a 0..10 V output signal applied to a ventilator with a PI algorithm in direct or reverse action based on jumper JP1 setting:

JP1 closed 1-2 = heating (reverse action)
JP1 closed 2-3 = cooling (direct action)
The range for knob set point is from 5 to 30°C
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