• Model:CFDM-100

CFDM-100 Circular Twin Blade Fire Damper

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CFDM-100 Circular Twin Blade Fire Damper

Fire dampers are shutters in duct systems of air-conditioning devices that prevent spreading the fire and combustion products from one fire segment to the other one by means of closing the air duct in the points of fire separating constructions. Dampers blade automatically closes air duct using a shutting spring. The damper is sealed with a plastic foam packing against smoke penetration after closing the blade. At the same time, the damper blade is bedded in a material which enlarges its capacity and air´proofs the air duct. Fire damper can be directly equipped with a dish valve in both combinations - exhaust and supply.
Damper characteristics

• CE certified acc. to EN 15650
• Tested in accordance with EN 1366-2
• Classified acc. to EN 13501-3+A1
• Fire resistance EIS 120, EIS 90, EIS 60
• Internal leakage class 2 acc. to EN 1751, external leakage is equal to ducting system
• Corrosion resistant acc. to EN 15650
• ES Certificate No. 1391-CPR-2018/0129
• Declaration of Perfomance No. PM/CFDM/01/16/1
Working conditions:
Exact damper function is provided under the following conditions:
a) Maximum air circulation speed: 12 m.s-1
Maximum pressure difference: 1500 Pa
b) The air circulation in the whole damper section must be secured as steady on whole surface.
Operation of the damper does not depend on the direction of air circulation. The dampers can be located in an arbitrary position,
Dampers are suitable for ventilation systems, where air does not content any abrasive, chemical or adhesive particles.
Dampers are designed for macroclimatic areas with mild climate according to EN 60 721-3-3.

Temperature in the place of installation is permitted to range from -30°C to +50°C.
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