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  1. Chaysol SAP 18/8 1.5kW 700r.p.m. CC CW V5-single inlet centrifugal fan
    [SA 18/8 1.5K]

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    Chaysol SA 18/8 1.5kW 700r.p.m. CC CW V5
    SA fans are single inlet centrifugal fans equipped with forward curved blade.

    The range comprises 9 different sizes available in two versions according to the rotation of the impeller.
    The name of the range is RTC. The fans are equipped with a rectangular shaped side structure, built in “L” profiles which strengthen the unit forming and giving a reduced volume for the structure.
    SA fans have forward curved centrifugal impellers, tablocked on both sides to two steel rings and to a double disk at the centre.
    The blade is designed to minimize the loss caused by air turbulence and to obtain maximum efficiency with minimum sound level.
    All impellers are dynamically balanced. The housings, in galvanized steel, are formed by two side plates spot-welded to a central scroll.
    A cut-off mounted on to the discharge prevents turbulence.
    The side plates have an aerodynamic profile and include some drill holes to allow fixing of the base supports as well as the motor support.
    Four positions can be selected for the base support and eight for the motor support.
    The ball bearings are mounted on rubber inserts to reduce vubration except for the framed versions which are filled with cast ball bearing housings.
    Operating temperature -30°C to + 85°C. The “R” series fans are based on standard “N” fans equipped with rectangular side structures built with “L” profiles which reinforce the unit, forming a rigid cube structure.
    This frame is welded to the sides of the fan. A number of groove-shaped drills on the strenghthening frame corners allow for a proper fixation.

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