• Model:SAX23/9ARB

Classic SAX23/9ARB Wall Mounted

£ 429.00 (excl. VAT)

£ 514.80 (inc. VAT)

9 inch wall fan.

Available in 2 sizes with a 5 speed reversible controller which allows a range of adjustment if duties are under or over achieving.

All versions have delay action, slow moving shutters.
A models can be wired for INTAKE ONLY, EXTRACT ONLY or EXTRACT OR INTAKE (with a double pole three position switch not supplied) and does not come with a controller.Refer to wiring diagrams for connection options.

AR and ARB models must be installed with the controller included in the box. Refer to wiring diagrams for connection options. These models have several modes of operation via the supplied controller; Extract (5 speeds), Intake (5 speeds) and Fan stopped with the shutters remaining open. The ARB version comes with a square wall liner.

The SAX is designed for installation into windows, panels, ceilings, as well as most solid or cavity walls.

Easy Installation
Designed and supplied with all the necessary fixings, which means «easy fix mounting by one installer alone for the complete installation of the fan.
Corrosion Resistance
Units are manufactured from shock proof, heat resistant white plastic with a temperature stability of 107Deg C, robust, durable and non corrosive, with internal and external finger proof grille.

Weather Resistance
Units are splash proof with IPX4 protection as required under current electrical regulations.

Each SAX unit has a two year warranty.


Unit casings shall be manufactured from shockproof, heat resistant white plastic. The fans shall be suitable for installation into window, wall or ceiling mounted applications. All «built in units shall have a telescopic wall liner for installations between 240mm and 315mm and 5m 4 core cable to assist installation. All units have IPX4 protection and are splash proof as required under current electrical regulations.

Motors have sealed for life, self lubricating bearings which do not require ventilation. They are sealed in a housing, ensuring quiet operation of the fan. Motors shall be Class B insulated to EN 60034-5. Motors are connected in accordance with EN60335-1, double insulated with in-built thermal overload protection. The fan shall be suitable for operating temperatures up to +40DegC.

Axial impellers shall be provided with fixed blade angles to meet the required duty. The impeller construction shall comprise of white plastic.
Quality Management

Units are to be designed and manufactured with procedures as defined in BS EN ISO 9001. All SAX units are to be tested to ISO 5801:2007 (airside performance) and BS 848 Part 2:1985 (sound performance).
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Instruction Manual

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Really well made but comes with no speed controler? ?and can...