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Commercial Activated Carbon Filters - Panel Type - 18" x 18" x 1 - ACP

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Commercial Activated Carbon Filters Panels

The disposable activated carbon filter panel, can be sized and used in a wide variety of odour reduction applications.
They can be fitted into duct mounted casings to provide the required contact time and airflow.

Construction The panels are generally manufactured using the bonding process to provide a rigid panel which is framed in a metal channel. The panel is finished in a fabric facia which minimises the dusting from the panel.

Panels can also be produced using a loose fill technique, whilst this offers an improved rate of adsorbancy, the activated capacity remains the same. The panels are designed to minimise the risk of by pass due to settlement, and for this reason their installation should be designed to be horizontal.

For heavier odours i.e. Indian or Thai cooking odours, a contact time of 0.3 seconds with the carbon filter is recommended to ensure effective odour control, which will effectively reduce the Face Velocity and rating to one third.

Where hot air is being filtered (e.g. extract from cooker hoods) the activated carbon panels or discarb cells should be positioned as far from the heat source as possible, so not to comprimise effective odour removal.

Maximum Operating Temperature: 40 Deg C
Maximum Operating Humidity 80% RH

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