• Model:DC210REC

Dektite Combo Pipe Flashing - DC210REC

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Dektite® Combo
SIZE: 350 - 760mm Flash over or around
Use as standard Dektite®, or when retrofit is required, cut and fit around pipe and join with clips (supplied).

Perfect for Flashing Pipes on Metal Roofs
Red Silicon Version so high temperature. (-50C to +250C) The multi-application flashing, edged with a flexible aluminium band, flashes hot or cold flues and pipes on metal roofs. The square base fits any prepared hole on most roof profiles.
Can also be used on Plastic, Polycarbonate or Glass Roofs.
Red Silicone Pipe Boot with Flexible Base (Aluminum Collar) Dektite Base Seals Against Uneven Metal Roofing with Ease, Pipe Flashing Will Not Break or Crack
Red silicone dektites will withstand temps up to 200 C or 250 C intermittently with a BAL rating of 29
For base sizes, max pitch etc. download datasheet HERE
For non high temperature version, with added foam gasket see HERE.
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