• Model:BU90250mm

Ducting 90 Degree Bend - 250mm

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250mm Ducting 90 Degree pressed bend, without gasket.

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90 Degree bend Datasheet

1 x Elta Wall Cowl SWC56/631 x Ducting 90 Degree Bend - 200mm1 x Ducting 90 Degree Bend - 250mm2 x Spigot plate - 300mm1 x Ancillary Pack for SB-CYL 630 model2 x External weather louvre 500w x 500h - WL501 x Helios SB-315-EC B SilentBox Acoustic Inline Fan - High Flow1 x 150mm Round Equal T Piece1 x Ducting T Piece Equal - 100mm1 x Systemair Save Touch Control Panel - White1 x ACSWEC - Auto change over panel duty sharing4 x Flanged Damper 019-0250-STD2 x Spiral end cap - 250mm3 x Anti Vibration Duct Suspension Rings - 300mm2 x Ancillary Pack for SLC-900 for SLC900/6A-3AC and SLC900/6B-3AC1 x LAL 1000 D4 Mounting Flange1 x KBD- outlet mounting flange for CRMT 3151 x AXCBF 400D4-32° (0,55 kW)2 x Soler & Palau - HXBR-200 ECOWATT - IP441 x Spiral Ducting 3 Meters - 900mm1 x Jet Fan IV 100-4 IE3 Induction Fan1 x ELS-GU Flush Mounted Casing1 x 220x90mm 90 Degree Horizontal Bend2 x Elta - Room Sensor - Temp/Humid/C021 x Soler & Palau - HCBT/4-630/H - IP651 x Ducting 45 Degree Bend - 100mm1 x JETLINE-200 - In Line Centrifugal Duct Fan2 x Elta SLC500/4A-1AC - IP552 x HRFD 315/2 EX Atex Rated 315mm Cased Axial Fan 400v2 x TCBT/4-500/H EXEIIT3 ATEX1 x HRST/6-910/30-BZ2 x Acoustic MiniBox Fan - MINI-BOX 1001 x Ducting 45 Degree Bend - 1000mm2 x LAL 710 D4 Mounting Flange1 x Soler & Palau TCBT/4-710/H - IP651 x Metal Inline Fan - VENT-355N1 x Purlin Box 1000 for RAW Cowls1 x Clearflow CF Roof Mounted Vertical Discharge Centrifugal Fan - CF500/4-3AC - Three Phase1 x Clearflow CFHT Kitchen/High Temp Roof Fan - CFHT630/4-3AC1 x Elta Wall Cowl SWC45/501 x AW Sileo EC Plate Axial Fan - Three Phase - 630mm1 x HCFT/4-450mm plastic impeller plate fan1 x KBA- inlet mounting flange for CRMT 2501 x CBS-160 Outlet Flange for CBT-1601 x Ducting Reducers Short - 315mm-250mm1 x Helios GigaBox 400mm GBW 400/4 centrifugal1 x Synthetic Air Filter Media - 6mm x 2mtr x 20mtr Roll1 x BDRAX 250-E2 Cased Axial External Rotor Fan1 x Elta SPA710/6-3EC1 x Elta Unpodded Silencer Melinex 2D-1000mm Dia1 x CAB-150 ECOWATT Energy Efficient Acoustic Box Fan1 x Sentinel D-BOX 150S/CP1 x KVK Slim 160 - Low profile Semi Acoustic Box Fan1 x Vent Axia ACM 200 inline mixed flow duct fan1 x Kitchen Extract Grille with Grease Filter and External Wall Fan1 x *TD EVO-100 - Environmentally Friendly Inline Fan*1 x DA10/10 Feet1 x 220x90mm Elbow Bend with 125mm Fixed Spigot1 x Duct Suspension Rings - 160mm1 x Speed Controller - REB52 x Elta SLC500/2B-3AC - IP551 x GRA-100 External Grill by S&P1 x Bellimo TF24S Actuator 24V2 x Duct Termination with Mesh - 710mm1 x Soler & Palau - HXTR/6-800/H - IP541 x USD-4000 Rect to Circ coupling Flange For KABB/T kitchen fans
EM 250-E2M 01- Etamaster-250
EM 250-E2M 01- Etamaster-250
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Really well made but comes with no speed controler? ?and can...