• Model:ESAVA200

EnergiSava 200 High Efficiency Heat Recovery

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£ 1,614.00 (inc. VAT)

Features & Benefits

Delivering up to 90% thermal efficiency
Automatic mechanical summer bypass
Wireless remote control for mode of operation
Filter change indicator
Intellitrac® technology, the unique humidity tracking controls
App-enabled version available

Frost protection
Can be wall, floor or ceiling mounted
Easy access to removable filters
Stylish design
High performance
SAP Appendix Q eligible

High Performance in a Compact Unit

Incorporating a powerful backward curved EC motor, the energiSava® 200 delivers exceptional performance within a compact unit. Ideal for medium to larger sized houses with kitchen plus 7 additional wet rooms the stylish little energiSava® 200 achieves a maximum airflow of 260 m3/h (72 l/s) and a high maximum system pressure in excess of 500Pa.
Stylish Design and Optimum User Functionality

Designed with stylish aesthetics and easy access to the removable filters for maintenance, the energiSava® 200 continuously operates at a low level to ensure the home is correctly ventilated, providing all year round good indoor air quality. Highly practical, the energiSava® 200 comes as standard with a remote control to adjust the units airflow between trickle and boost rates. It also indicates when the summer by-pass is activated including a filter change and fault indicator. The automatic, integral mechanical summer by-pass ensures that cooler air enters the property on warmer days, creating an ideal indoor climate.
Part of the Lifetime Range

The energiSava® 200 is manufactured in the UK and is part of the award-winning Lifetime Range®, complete with a 5 year guarantee. To ensure the optimum performance of the system, it is important to maintain the unit. This can be done by simply removing a section of the front cover and accessing the exchangeable filters.
Flexible Installation & Ease of Commissioning

The energiSava® 200 has been designed for ease of installation in mind. With vertical or horizontal mounting options, the unit can be installed on the ceiling, wall or floor. Wall and ceiling mount versions come complete with easyfit brackets for rapid installation without the requirement to access the unit A floor mounting kit can be ordered separately. For ease of commissioning the push button pad on the unit enables the installer to correctly set the required airflow rate quickly and effectively. Intellitrac® Technology

The energiSava® 200 incorporates Intellitrac® Technology, which is a unique humidity tracking control that allows the unit to run continuously on trickle until the humidity levels rise to above the specified setpoint, providing all year round healthy indoor air quality. No user intervention is required, as these intelligent automatic controls constantly monitor the humidity level. This allows the system to sense any rise in humidity and increase the units airflow rate in direct correlation to the humidity level, which quietly and efficiently controls moisture. The increase in the airflow rate helps to reduce the humidity levels within the property and once the humidity levels start to drop the airflow rate decreases, saving energy.
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