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External Grills


Grills used outside for extract points or supply.

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  • Depending on its application, the Metal Circular Grill can be used as an external grille of an air intake or roof vent. The grille is provided with screw holes for mounting. Available in sizes 100mm -315mm, manufacture from cast aluminium and fitt ...
    Model : GRILLCIRC

    Our Price:  £4.99

  • Multifit Air Louvre Shutters - XLG Plastic construction. Fixed to outside of exterior wall Air operated Colour: white,brown.terracotta or cotswold stone. As a mulitfit grill, it fits both 100mm and 110x60 rectangular ducting. ...
    Model : mXLG

    Our Price:  £3.50

  • Multifit External Fixed Louvre Grill suitable for both rectangular and circular ducting. Currently only available in colour cotswold stone. currently only available in size -100m ...
    Model : Multifit

    Our Price:  £3.99

  • Plastic External Louvre shutters. These are general use shutters for the outside of premises. Suitable for all types of fan. The louvres close when the fan is not in use to stop back drafts. Available in various sizes. The size is the size of th ...
    Model : WSK

    Our Price:  £15.25 £16.95

  • Wall mounted intake and outtake grilles are made of galvanized or aluminium sheet. They are composed of lateral profiles, lamellas and proper corners and of a steel mesh protecting against insects and leaves. They are used for big installations insi ...
    Model : UVLA

    Our Price:  £14.29

  • The USUF external grille is made of acid-proof sheet metal and suitable for wall mounting using screws. The high housing and slanting lamellae provide protection against rainfall, and the detachable mesh protects against insects. Download specificat ...
    Model : USUF

    Our Price:  £15.50

  • Weatherproof Cowl for external walls, Stops drafts blowing back into the building. Available in a kit form HERE Internal flap to stop backdrafts Can also be used with a backdraft damper for maximum effect. ...
    Model : WPC

    Our Price:  £7.50

  • Flexible Hose Kit - 1m Round Hose with Weatherproof Cowl Available in sizes 1m Round Hose Kit 100mm/4" 1m Round Hose Kit 120mm/5" 1m Round Hose Kit 150mm/6" Available in white or brown. Please specify in the options drop down box. ...
    Model : WPC-7202

    Our Price:  £17.54

  • Weatherproof Cowl for external walls, Stops drafts blowing back into the building. Comes complete with Padded flaps and a rubber seal to stop unwanted noise and water getting into your house, If you are trying to combat drafts this can be used alo ...
    Model : WPCS

    Our Price:  £17.49

Displaying 1 to 21 (of 21 products)
Result Pages:  1 
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