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Heat Recovery Units


Heat recovery units re-cycle the heat that normally gets extracted. Essential for new builds but can also be retro-fitted.

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  • Compact heat recovery unit with high- efficiency (up to 93%) counter-flow heat exchanger, EUROVENT certified. The casing is made from plasticised galvanised steel in white. Panels are double skinned with thermo-acoustic flameproof insulation ...
    Model : CADB/T-HE 54

    Our Price:  £8,500.00

  • Features & Benefits Delivering up to 90% thermal efficiency Automatic mechanical summer bypass Wireless remote control for mode of operation Filter change indicator Intellitrac® technology, the unique humidity tracking controls App-enabled ve ...
    Model : ESAVA200

    Our Price:  £1,345.00

  • The energiSava 210 is a low energy, whole house heat recovery system with a high-efficiency heat exchanger to provide a constant supply of fresh tempered air into the living spaces of your home. Counter-flow heat exchanger with up to 89% the ...
    Model : ESAVA210

    Our Price:  £1,279.00

  • The energiSava 250 provides optimum ventilation for a property with a minimum loss of energy. It extracts moisture-laden air from the wet rooms such as bathrooms, WCs, kitchen and shower rooms. At the same time it supplies fresh air into the living a ...
    Model : ESAVA250

    Our Price:  £1,189.00

  • Providing all year round good indoor air quality is vital for a healthy and comfortable living environment. Regulations relating to energy efficiency and low noise levels are becoming increasingly stringent. EnviroVent have responded with the introdu ...
    Model : ESAVA3-4

    Our Price:  £2,075.00

  • One of the latest additions to our range. This system also performs to the highest efficiency on SAP Appendix Q and achieves a low Specific Fan Power of 0.40 W/l/s. Recovering up to 93% of heat, the energiSava 380 reduces carbon emissions whilst pr ...
    Model : ESAVA380

    Our Price:  £1,725.00

  • Genius complete unit Art no: 36098 The building service centre efficiently and economically combines the complete building equipment for energy efficient single-family houses. It unifies the functions heating, cooling, ventilation, heat recovery ...
    Model : GENIUS

    Our Price:  £14,950.00

  • In the winter, domestic heat recovery units switch to a frost protection mode at low temperatures outside.This usually means that the supply fan slows down, causing an imbalance between the supply and exhaust air through the heat recovery unit. Ano ...
    Model : GEO Ground S

    Our Price:  £2,750.00

  • HRU-WALL is a heat recovery unit, designed to ensure adequate ventilation in enclosed environments without energy losses. efficient reversible EC motor with integral thermal protection, mounted on sealed for life high quality ball bearings. Desig ...
    Model : HRUW100

    Our Price:  £229.00

  • The VX heat recovery units are complete plug & play ventilation units ideal for offices and homes. * User friendly controlling by the integrated and/or separate control panel * Automatic de-frosting for all operating conditions * In ...
    Model : VX400

    Our Price:  £1,590.00

  • The heat Sava is an energy efficient, through-the-wall mini ventilation unit called a Single Room Heat Recovery unit (SRHR). It has been designed for people who are looking for new and innovative ways to save energy. Recovering up to 75% of heat from ...
    Model : HeatSava

    Our Price:  £299.00

  • The HeatSava SELV 12 volt is an energy efficient, through-the-wall mini ventilation unit called a Single Room Heat Recovery unit (SRHR). It has been designed for people who are looking for new and innovative ways to save energy. Recovering up to 75% ...
    Model : HeatSavaSELV

    Our Price:  £329.00

  • A ducted heat recovery unit for internal rooms. Self-contained and includes two mixed flow speed controllable fans. Using a high performance, polymeric heat exchange cube together with two power fans, the HR200V can boast a temperature efficiency of ...
    Model : HR200-V

    Our Price:  £599.00

  • A heat recovery unit specifically designed for use in residential kitchens and utility rooms to meet the latest building regulations. The compact, self contained unit is designed for through wall mounting. The unit has a constant trickle ventilation ...
    Model : HR200WK

    Our Price:  £525.00

  • The HR300 unit incorporates 2 specially developed mixed flow fans for low noise and efficiency, with up to 70% heat recovery. Effectively lowering internal relative humidity the HR300 unit controls condensation and eliminates mould growth. Designed f ...
    Model : HR300SR

    Our Price:  £539.99

  • The HR300RW6 is a semi-remote unit designed for mounting in an external wall. Two 150mm diameter spigots are provided for ducting connection to internal supply and extract grilles. The unit provides balanced supply and extraction with up to 70% hea ...
    Model : HR300-RW6

    Our Price:  £479.00

  • Whole house heat recovery unit with a high-efficiency heat exchanger up to 92% with constant flow, setting and very low consumption DC motor. Provides a constant supply of fresh tempered air into the living spaces of a home whilst extracting condens ...
    Model : IDEO

    Our Price:  £2,189.00

  • M5 filter kit for IDEO HR unit ...
    Model : M5-filter ki

    Our Price:  £70.00

  • Whole house ventilation unit with heat recovery. For wall or loft installation in homes and offices. EC motor for high efficiency low energy usage. Recovers up to 92% of heat from extracted, polluted air. Features: Up to 124 litr ...
    Model : WHHRMAXI

    Our Price:  £1,549.00

  • From Vent Axia (Anda) an economic heat recovery extractor. • Part F compliant, System 4 continuous Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery. • Normal, Boost & Purge speeds. • Up to 90% heat recovery. • Washable EU3 filters. • Boost via ‘swit ...
    Model : MHVR

    Our Price:  £599.00

  • High efficiency variable speed rotary heat exchanger • Moisture transfer function with automatic freezing regulation • Energy efficient RadiCal-fans, with modern EC-technology • Separate settings of supply and extract air flow • Start-up wizard f ...
    Model : SAVE-VSR300

    Our Price:  £1,749.00

Displaying 1 to 24 (of 37 products)
Result Pages:  1  2   
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