• Model:RREC-125

Helios RR125 EC Energy Efficient Centrifugal inline fan

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For medium to smaller air flow volumes against high resistances.
Specifically made for in-duct installation. High pressure characteristic to overcome resistances of bends, filters etc. Universal in application for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes.

Special features
■ Less space required and simple site installation of the compact in line design.
■ Its simplicity reduces site costs.
■ Supply and exhaust air spigots fit all standard circular duct sizes.
■ Power adjustment by 100% variable speed control.
■ Installation in any position.
■ Wide range of accessories.
■ Aerodynamically optimized casing design.

■ Motor
Closed, ball bearing-mounted external rotor motor with humidity protection, insulation class F, for continuous operation, maintenance free and interference free.
■ Motor protection
Automatically switches off and on again after cooling due to built-in thermal contacts with the winding wired in series.
■ Installation
Can be mounted in any position – horizontal, vertical or diagonal – suitable for supply and extract ventilation by correct installation. To minimise the effective noise level it is recommended that the fan is installed as remote as possible from the ventilated space.

■ Casing
Robust casing from galvanised sheet steel for harsh operating conditions. Intake and exhaust Spigots on intake and exhaust fit standard ducts.
■ Speed control
From 0 – 100% by means of electronic controller or step transformer.
■ Electrical connection
Terminal box (IP 54) located on outer casing.
■ Impeller
Centrifugal impeller with backward curved polymer blades. Directly mounted to motor and dynamically balanced as a unit. Low-noise, highly efficient.
■ Protection class
When installed in intake and exhaust ducting and rainwater penetration is prevented, the fan is rated IP 44.

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Air Quality Sensor - AQS
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