• Model:HEPA-1

Inline Hepa filter with housing & pre-filters

£ 1,390.00 (excl. VAT)

£ 1,668.00 (inc. VAT)

This style of housing is used to house HEPA filters in sensitive environments such as laboratories and hospitals to filter out very small particles including smoke and viruses.
Complete unit containing all the pre-filters needed to protect the HEPA filter.
Side Withdrawal Housings are fully welded and painted and can be configured to house any combination of filters including low to medium efficiency panel and bag filters through to High efficiency HEPA filters.
This size is 24" x 12" and can handle an airflow of 1580 m3/hr. at 280 Pa.

It consists of the housing, a G4 grade pre-filter, then a F7 Grade bag filter followed by the HEPA filter.

Other sizes available for various other airflows, please email for more information. This product is made to order.

Material : 1.5mm Zintec finished with Hammer Silver Grey Paint (Alternative colours available upon request)
Flanges : 40mm External Folded
Access Doors : Both Sides
Max Airlow : 1580 m3/hr @ 280 Pa.

Download more info HERE and HERE.