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Kitchavent 2000 Odour control System

£ 2,810.00 (excl. VAT)

£ 3,372.00 (inc. VAT)

The Kitchavent System is designed to control nuisance grease, smoke and odour discharge from commercial kitchens in line with DW 172 and the DEFRA standards for nuisance control from kitchen extract systems.
The Kitchavent system can be installed in any convenient position within the kitchen extract duct run from the Canopy to the extract fan.
Most often used for a variety of cafe's, restaurants etc where odour control is required.
The modular system allows for airflows ranging from 0.2m3/s in the smallest module up to 2.12m3/s in the largest unit, and then multiple units can be utilised to cater for any larger airflows or greater contact times. The Kitchavent System can be used to design systems that will meet any contact time required for odour control. Typically this is defined by local authority guidance, or advised by a systems designer. (Typically 0.1 seconds to 0.8 seconds depending on cuisine and discharge point.)
Consists of Dust pre-filters and banks of activated carbon panel filters in a complete housing.
Please contact us for a quote including cooking type, contact time, airflow etc. for accurate price as this price is just a guide
Download specifications HERE.
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