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Metal Grille Box - Plenum - GB

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£ 25.30 (inc. VAT)

Metal Grille Box - Plenum - GB used in conjunction with egg-crate ceiling grilles and ceiling diffuser grilles to connect to ductwork.

Available in sizes up to 600mm square and duct sizes from 100mm to 315mm
All these listed come with a flange for fitting to egg crate grilles etc, if not need please advise.
Standard box depth for Top Entry is 100mm, standard depth for side entry is 100mm greater than the spigot size.

Side entry also available for tight spaces.

Unless metal is needed the plastic plenum boxes (Model code PB) are more normally used.

For use in single ceiling tile size, select 550mm x 550mm neck size. (585 x 595 overall)

These are generally fabricated to order so may take up to 5 days to supply if not a standard stock size. Note: These are for grilles so come with a flange.

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