• Model:CK60F

Plastic Kitchen Extractors - CK-60F

£ 142.38 (excl. VAT)

£ 170.86 (inc. VAT)

Plastic Casing Range of Kitchen Extractors - K Series Range of centrifugal extractors specifically designed for the extraction of moist, grease laden air and fume from under domestic cooker canopies.

Also good for venting up chimneys. (larger sizes only, see specs)

Centrifugal extractors manufactured from flame retardant plastic V0. All extractors are class II insulation fitted with centrifugal impeller and single phase 230V 50Hz speed controllable motor. This range consists of three models with airflow ranging up to 625 m3/h - CK-25N, CK-40F and CK-60F.
The CK-25 & CK40 use 100mm ducting, the CK60 uses 125mm

To obtain the maximum efficiency of the polluted air extraction, the K series fans should be installed within a cooker canopy. The airflow required depends upon the canopy width and the distance between the canopy and the cooker.
The K series fans should be installed in vertical position with the grease collection tray at the bottom.

~ CK-60F - 2475/1740 rpm. 625/415 m3/hr.
~ Fits 125mm Ducting
~ Extractors can be dismantled - parts are easily removable for cleaning in the dishwasher
~ Metallic Teflon coated filter Fitted to the inlet to prevent the build-up of grease within the fan and ducting enclosure (CK-40F and CK-60F)
~ Removable grease collection tray to collect the grease. Easily removable for cleaning
~ CK-60F: 2-speed motor -2 speed selector I/II switch to adapt the extract air volume to the needs
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