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Plastic Louvre Shutter - WSK

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Plastic External Louvre shutters.

These are general use shutters for the outside of premises.
Suitable for all types of fan.
The louvres close when the fan is not in use to stop back drafts.

Available in various sizes.
The size is the ducting size that it is to be used with, NOT the overall size which is a little more. ***PLEASE NOTE*** These are not designed to connect directly to any ducting, these are designed to be flush mounted on to the exterior surface, the duct can then be butted up against the grill Colour: Grey

Please note we list these by suitable duct size, not the overall size.
Please refer to the dimensional diagram in the images section.

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TD-SILENT 350/125
TD-SILENT 350/125
£ 170.17

Excellent low noise fan, I've got one unit running years and...