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  1. Atex Inline Fan 180mm - ERM18EXE

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    Product description
    * For commercial use: Durable, powerful and robust.
    * Type-examination tested according to European Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX).
    * Device group II, Category 2 G
    * Type of protection "e": Increased safety
    * For zones 1 and 2.
    * For ventilation or air extraction, depending on the installation direction.
    * Can be fitted in any position.
    * Balanced safety technology available.
    * 310m3/hr this version
    * MAICO Ex fans fulfil the safety requirements of European Directive 94/9/EC for units and protective systems in explosion-endangered areas.
    * Device group II, Category 2 G
    * Type of protection "e": Increased safety
    * For zones 1 and 2.
    * Supply of smaller air volumes only at medium resistances.
    * Housing and impeller are made from high quality synthetic material, antistatic
    * Semi-centrifugal impeller, favourable flow technology.
    * Inflow direction equals outflow direction. Thus resulting in simple installation.
    * Can be fitted in any position.

    Air flow direction
    * Airstream and rotational directions are indicated by arrows marked on the fan housing

    * Robust motor with ball bearings, maintenance-free.
    * Capacitor motors with operating capacitor ready for use in terminal box.

    Mounting instructions
    * Inlet and outlet side connection couplings for direct installation in ventilation ducts.
    * Reducers for connecting to different duct diameters (intake or exhaust sockets); see Accessories.
    * Use ELM-Ex flexible cuffs to prevent transfer of vibrations onto the duct system.
    * ERM 22 E Ex e: 2 reducers to DN 200 included in scope of delivery.

    Electrical connection
    * Terminal box fitted to fan housing, explosion proof.

    Required safety technology
    * MVEx motor safety switch to monitor the maximum motor current.
    * Accessories needed for ERM...E Ex e.
    * Type-examination tested according to Directive 94/9 EC (ATEX).
    * Installation exclusively in non-explosive areas.

    Safety instructions
    * No speed control allowed.
    * The fan may only be operated using the rated voltage shown on the rating plate.
    * The fan may be operated only if the protection against accidental contact with the impeller is guaranteed to be in accordance with DIN EN 294 for fans with free inlet and outlet. To do this, fit an SGR-Ex protective grille.
    * Ensure that foreign bodies cannot fall into or be sucked into the fan.

    Click HERE for datasheet.

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