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  1. Non Vision (Air Transfer) Grille

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    Non vision grilles are manufactured with a fixed inverted V profile to provide a vision proof air transfer grille.
    Used in doors and partitions for free ventilation.
    Non vision grilles are available as a single unit or with matching flange as shown below (suitable for door/wall thickness's of 36-60mm).
    Polyester powder coated silver finish as standard.
    The grilles are carefully constructed to be unobtrusive in appearance for architectural excellence. Model Series 51DG offers the largest free area possible (average > 50%) with a completely sight-proof design, utilising an inverted 'V' shaped louvre on 20mm centres. Widely used, not only in doors and partitions, but also in place of conventional exhaust and return grilles where it is important that the interior of the plenum or duct be concealed. The inverted-V blades not only block vision, but also provide strength. When mounted in the lower portion of a door, a door grille is naturally subjected to bumps and kicks. Ask for details of other sizes. Diagram HERE

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