RING LEADER Air Valve Fixing Ring

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The RING LEADER® solution.

The challenge with air valves is that you need to fix them securely to the ceiling. BUT, as every engineer knows, the holes in the spigot provided are always positioned too close to the ‘crumbly-edge’ of the hole you’ve cut out in the ceiling!

This means it’s almost impossible to fix an air valve securely, so a job that should be very simple and take minutes, ends up becoming an on-site nightmare, leaving the engineer to improvise and do the best they can – while getting very aggravated in the process!!

The genius design solution
Terlok’s innovative new RING LEADER® provides a simple yet genius design solution to the very common challenge:

Can be used as a template to mark the correct size hole to cut in the ceiling Provides a productive solution that’s compatible with most Air Valves on the market today! Is an Absolute Dream to use for Solid Ceiling Installations
Watch our video!!
Improves the overall quality look and Feel of the installation!!
Saves significant Time & Aggro.
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