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  1. Rosenberg AKAD 630-4 A1 IP54 400V 50H

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    Rosenberg Axial Fans are mostly used in Air heaters, Heat pumps, Condensers, Cooling units, Evaporators and Chillers. The fans are suitable for handling air and other non-aggressive gases or fumes.
    More variants are possible on request (for ex. custom painting).
    The motors are available as asynchronous external rotor motors or as electronically commutated (EC) external rotor motors.
    The main concern for all axial fans was to keep noise emission low in the main range of application of the fan while having an optimal performance curve with the long and short nozzled inlet cone.
    All the listed fans in this catalog correspond to the ErP 2015.
    Fans are measured according to accuracy class 1 (DIN 24166). (AC types according to accuracy class 3)
    Protection guard Serving as finger protection and depending on the construction type also for mounting the fan onto the inlet cone. If the protection guard is only for safety reasons, the motor supporting function is taken by the motor support.
    Inlet cone:
    A square inlet cone is installed as standard.
    This can differ depending on the required construction type.
    Air Performance Curves:
    The air performance curves have been established using the intake test method in the test chamber as shown below according to DIN EN ISO 5801.
    They show pressure increase as a function of the volume flow and are valid for air with a density of 1,2 kg/m³ with a temperature of t=20°C. Performance curves were recorded in installation type “A” (free flowing intake and exhaust). Testing conducted with optimal inlet cone and without protection guard.
    Important note:
    Power consumption of fans change linearly proportional to the density of conveyed air/gas.
    Direction of air flow:
    The respective available directions of air flow are displayed at the bottom of each fan type page marked with . Improper direction of rotation can overload the motor (not possible with EC motors integrated electronics) ; therefore it is essential to check the direction of rotation before initial operation.
    According to the applications the air flow direction can differ. That’s why this information should be given with every request.

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