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VA series Long Life Axial Fans

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Axial fans, VA series For Special Applications needing high tempertures.
Max Temp: 150 degrees C. Suitable for server/switch cabinets, PC's etc.

VA 9/2
93mm Body, 60m3/hr, 15W

VA 12/2
119mm Body, 150m3/hr, 18W

VA 14/2
138mm Body, 205m3/hr, 42W

VA 16/2
150mm Body, 240m3/hr, 46W

Designed for:
Operating conditions:
- cooling of electronic control panels
- ventilation of electrical panels
- installation in electronic devices, appliance construction and automation
- cooling of welding machines and plasm cutting machines
- installation in cooling and ventilation systems and air-conditioning devices
- installation in household air heaters and heat exchangers.
All fans of this type have built-in single-phase electric motors with shielded poles and a short-circuited rotor with double capsulated ball bearings. The fan is square in shape with internally located fins to which the stator is attached.

The VA series axial fans are suitable to be fitted to apertures and air conduits with Ø90, Ø100, Ø120, Ø135 and Ø150.
These fans are 240VAC but can be also produced with supply voltage 115V, 36V or 24V, at frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz, ask for details.
Isolation class: H - 180ºC or L - 200ºC. Protection degree: IP 44.

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