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VA series Long Life Axial Fans

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Axial fans, VA series For Special Applications needing high temperatures.
Max Temp: 150 degrees C. Suitable for server/switch cabinets, PC's etc.

Please note, only the VA14/2 is currently available.

VA 9/2
93mm Body, 60m3/hr, 15W

VA 12/2
119mm Body, 150m3/hr, 18W

VA 14/2
138mm Body, 205m3/hr, 42W

VA 16/2
150mm Body, 240m3/hr, 46W

Designed for:
- cooling of electronic control panels
- ventilation of electrical panels
- installation in electronic devices, appliance construction and automation
- cooling of welding machines and plasma cutting machines
- installation in cooling and ventilation systems and air-conditioning devices
- installation in household air heaters and heat exchangers.
All fans of this type have built-in single-phase electric motors with shielded poles and a short-circuited rotor with double capsulated ball bearings. The fan is square in shape with internally located fins to which the stator is attached.

These fans are 240VAC.

Isolation class: H - 180ºC or L - 200ºC. Protection degree: IP 44.
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EM 250-E2M 01- Etamaster-250
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