• Model:UVLA

Stainless Cowl - UVLA

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Wall mounted intake and outtake grilles are made of galvanized or aluminium sheet.
They are composed of lateral profiles, lamellas and proper corners and of a steel mesh protecting against insects and leaves. They are used for big installations inside and outside buildings. Depending on their application, components can be used as air intakes or roof ejectors.
Furnished with a semicircular protection cover preventing the air from being blown in and slanting blades that guide the air flow downwards. In addition, the air intake is provided with insect mesh. It has rubber gaskets and is fitted with mounting clamps to make its installation easier. It is featured by an attractive appearance and long durability and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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Transformer (silent) speed controller - RE 1.5 Amp
Transformer (silent) speed controller - RE 1.5 Amp
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