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HV M -STYLVENT Series - Wall or Window Extract Fans

Complete range of axial flow fans for wall or window mounting applications. Thickness of wall/window, 30-230mm.
All the fans are supplied with tough ABS plastic grilles, shutter and single phase 230V- 50Hz motor.
All the fans are class II insulation and IPX4 rated.

The HV-STYLVENT series comprises of 3 diameters: 150, 230 and 300 mm, including several operating options, making them ideally suited for a wide range of general residential, commercial and industrial exhaust or supply ventilation applications.

HV M Manually operated models via integral pull cord
By pulling on the pull-cord all 5 operating positions can be selected.

1-Fan stopped and shutter closed
2-Fan on high speed working as air extract with shutter open
3-Fan on low speed working as air extract with shutter open
4-Fan stopped and shutter open
5-Fan in reverse high speed supplying air in the room with shutter open

~ Single speed (HV-150M) or 2-speed (HV-230M and 300M) operation
~ Model 230 and 300 are reversible, no extra controller needed.
~ Natural ventilation position (shutter open, fan off) on HV-230 and HV-300)
~ Neon lights indicating the mode of operation

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Transformer (silent) speed controller - RE 1.5 Amp
Transformer (silent) speed controller - RE 1.5 Amp
£ 103.95

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