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  • Model:SWF-200

SWF-200 Sidewall Mounted Extractor Fan

£ 313.95 (excl. VAT)

£ 376.74 (inc. VAT)

Range of direct drive externally mounted centrifugal fans, manufactured from high grade pressed galvanized steel protected against corrosion by polyester paint finish. All the fans are provided with a removable top for easy access to motor for cleaning or inspection, a large grille opening, a back-draft damper, a pre-wired terminal box and a backward curved centrifugal impeller.
All the motors are single-phase 230V - 50Hz, IP44, Class F, with ball bearings greased for life, and safety thermal overload protection of manual reset type.
The SWF series is ideally suited for a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial exhaust ventilation applications where the fan needs to be mounted externally.

The Sidewall Fan Series (SWF) of direct drive centrifugal ventilation fans consists of five model sizes ranging from 4-8. All models are designed for direct connection in-line with standard diameter round ducting. Airflow performance values range from 165M3/h(119 CFM) up to 770M3/h (416 CFM).

All SWF series models incorporate a powerful external rotor motor that has been factory matched to a nonoverloading backward curved centrifugal fan wheel. This powerful combination enables the SWF to deliver exceptional airflow performances against high static pressure typically found in ducted ventilation systems. All motors within the SWF series are fully speed controllable using voltage or frequency control regulators.

The SWF series has been designed for easy through the wall installation. The totally enclosed motor design allows for the SWF to operate in high moisture, lint and dust laden air, Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms. All models are manufactured with high quality materials and workmanship that is supported by a comprehensive five (5) year warranty.

The SWF series features a corrosion resistant galvanized steel casing with a baked enamel coating that can be painted to match the exterior wall. The unit also includes a built-in backdraft damper and an extended opening exhaust grille. The larger grille allows for the easy exhaust of dirty or lint laden air while the spring-loaded backdraft damper helps prevent insects, etc. from entering duct work.

The SWF150 fans feature Class F Motor Insulation making them the ideal fans for Clothes Dryer Boosting applications. Built-in Spring-loaded Backdraft Damper Supply/Exhaust for ducts SWF-SIDEWALL Warranty Five (5) year limited warranty.

• Externally mounted
• Manufactured from high grade pressed galvanized steel, with baked enamel coating.

• Removable top for easy access to motor for cleaning or inspection.

• Large grille opening for easy passing of lint and other potentially clogging materials.

• Includes prewired terminal box.

• Backward curved centrifugal type.

• Factory matched to an external rotor motor and dynamically balanced to eliminate vibration.

• A wide range of accessories are available to complete the most demanding installation.

Model ------ (m3/h) ----- (dB(A))
SWF-200 --- 770 ---------- 56
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