• Model:AC101-10mm

Synthetic Air Filter Media - 10mm x 2mtr x 20mtr Roll

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Synthetic Air Filter Media whole roll- G3 - 2mtr x 20mtr x 10mm

The use of Synthetic Air Filter Material Cut Pads within the pad frame system are ideal for those specialised applications, where a high level of filtration are required for low air flow applications.

The replacement Synthetic Air Filter Media Pads are often used in air handling units, and electronic cabinets.

Air Filter Material is manufactured from synthetic fibres which, when laid, produce a range of multi-directional fibrous "fabrics" of differing weights and thicknesses.

Synthetic Air Filter Medias are available to meet a wide range of filter requirements from coarse to fine, some products being able to withstand a light cleaning operation, others being disposable.

Simply cut to size. This is a non washable product and has to be replaced when used.

Coloured white.

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