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Acoustic Box Fans (Inline) - CAB-100

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The CAB Acoustic inline fan series is manufactured by S&P and continuing their range of quiet fans, this range of attenuated cabinet fans are specifically designed to provide extract ventilation solutions for noise sensitive environments. The range comprises of six nominal sizes.

In the larger sizes these fans are quieter than the mixvent fans and develop more pressure. (See sound levels below)

Max Airflow: 194.4 m3/h
Max Power: 50 Watts
Max Current: 0,20 Amps
Sound pressure Level (dB(A))@3m: 23db - Radiated
Temperature Range: -20/+40*C
Weight: 16 Kgs
Part Num: 5113862300

Compare these to other inline box fans with the same measure, (dB @ 3M) and they come out on top. Also made of metal and not anything that is a fire risk such as MDF or wood! Combined with an attenuator these are as quiet as you can get for the money.

All models incorporate single phase, 230V 50Hz, direct drive low pressure centrifugal fans available in two (2) or four (4) pole speeds. All models are supplied with a remote mounting wiring outlet box to facilitate installation and connection to external controls.

They are suitable for many general ventilation applications where the noise level of the ventilation system is of particular importance. Typical applications would include ventilation systems for:
- Commercial offices.
- Restaurants and cafes.
- Libraries and public buildings etc.

The fan casings are manufactured from heavy gauge galvanised sheet steel and internally lined with an acoustic insulation material. All models incorporate inlet and discharge circular duct connection flanges with integrated rubber air seal. The specific design of the products enables a cover to be removed and the motor / impeller assembly accessed without the requirement of removing the fan casing from the ducting. The fan cover is supplied as standard with quick-fix fixings to enable fast removal or fitting without tools. All models are also supplied with four mounting feet to facilitate any ceiling, wall or floor mounting installation.
Motor / Impeller
All models incorporate a single phase, 230V 50Hz, direct-drive low pressure forward curved centrifugal fan (with scroll). All motors included in the CAB range are of, enclosed, type and are fully speed controllable using voltage regulation.


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CAB Acoustic series Data Sheet

CAB-100 Data Sheet

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