• Model:DAOSL

DAOSL Back Draft Damper

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£ 12.64 (inc. VAT)

The DAOSL back draft damper has aluminium lamellae which open during the air flow in one direction and close when the fan motor is inactive. When no air is flowing, the lamellae are maintained in a vertical position using a spring. The damper is supplied with double EPDM gasket.

Available sizes - 100m and 125mm, Please select above..
NB. 100mm and 150mm out of stock until mid February. Try the BDP

Look good, works well, except the shaft of the lanellae cuts into the tube or pipe. Had to shorten mine to get it in. The shaft should not be longer that the seals diameter.

Rated by Trevor

Thank you for the review. The shaft length is not normally a problem because they are normally used to join two lengths of ducting and are not designed to be fully inserted, although it is interesting you have managed it! Be aware any extra friction on the shaft will affect its operation.
- Admin

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