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Duct Mounted Inline Filter - EU4

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The UFI duct filter is designed for air filtration in round ventilation ducts. It is equipped with a filter pack of EU4(G4) class protected with a galvanized wire net at both sides. The filter is housed in a round galvanized steel sheet duct equipped with gaskets.

A unique construction of the UFI filter enables easy replacement of the filter element.

The UFI duct filter is designed for assembling between two round ventilation ducts of standard diameters (100 - 315mm).

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Well made and robust, but it was not use for my application as there was excessive loss of airflow which caused overheating. To reduce the air flow losses I had to use 150mm filters and adaptors to fit the 102mm ducting.

Rated by Vince ******

This has a EU4/G4 filter which can be quite restrictive especially when dirty, so needs a centrifugal fan. Other filters have a little larger surface area so can be less restrictive.
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