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Heat Sava Through Wall Heat Recovery

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The heat Sava is an energy efficient, through-the-wall mini ventilation unit called a Single Room Heat Recovery unit (SRHR). It has been designed for people who are looking for new and innovative ways to save energy. Recovering up to 75% of heat from the air that would normally be lost through extraction, the heatSava reduces carbon emissions, whilst providing continuous all year round ventilation. The heat sava can be mounted through external walls in WCs, kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms, to either replace existing extractor fans or for new installations.

~ Improves indoor air quality, reducing condensation and mould problems.
~ Saves energy costs - the heat exchange cell recovers up to 75% of the heat that would normally be extracted out to atmosphere.
~ Easy to clean and maintain with the innovative plug out/plug in central cartridge.
~ Heat Sava thinks for itself with the intelligent humidity tracking controls, meaning that no user intervention is required.
~ Summer mode to stop warm air entering the room on warmer days.
~ Frost protection to prevent the cell from damage during the winter.
~ Part of the EnviroVent Lifetime Range® designed with recyclable components.

Made in the UK and comes with a 5 year renewable warranty.

The heat Sava extracts air from the kitchen or bathroom, which passes over a high efficiency tubular heat exchange cell. The unique design of the cell enables the air to cyclone around the barrel, just like a corkscrew. As it does so, the heat from the extracted air is retained in the cell before it reaches atmosphere. At the same time, fresh air from outside is supplied through the tubes, collecting up to 75% of the heat from the extracted air before returning it into the room, providing savings on energy costs. The heat Sava runs continuously 24 hours a day on a low background trickle rate to provide constant all year round good indoor air quality, controlling humidity levels and reducing condensation.

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