• Model:MPS

Acoustic Commercial Kitchen Inline Exhaust Fan - MPS

£ 641.55 (excl. VAT)

£ 769.86 (inc. VAT)

Range of German made kitchen exhaust fans with motor out of airstream and grease drainage facility.
Weather housings and also available making them suitable for outdoor mounting.

* Motor can be regulated using voltage reduction.
* Terminal connections for thermal contacts.
* IP 54 degree of protection for closed housing covers as well as duct connections fitted on the inlet and outlet sides.
* Models 225-E2 ~ 280-E2 supplied with 2-pole motors.
* Models 400-E4 ~ 560-E4 supplied with 4-pole motors.
* Max. medium temperature 120°C
* Motor outside of air stream
* Speed controllable
* Swing-out fan unit
* With condensate and grease drain

Mounting instructions
* Installation with upward, right-hand or left-hand exhaust socket.
* If the unit is mounted with the exhaust socket pointing to the left or the right, the service door must be altered by the customer.

Model 225-E2 has a 200mm spigot. Max Airflow 1465 m3/hr
Model 250-E2 has a 250mm spigot. Max Airflow 2491 m3/hr
Model 280-E2 has a 315mm spigot. Max Airflow 3390 m3/hr
Model 315-E2 has a 354mm spigot Max Airflow 4400 m3/hr
Model 400-E4 has a 354mm spigot. Max Airflow 4348 m3/hr
Model 450-E4 has a 354mm spigot. Max Airflow 5770 m3/hr
Model 500-E4 has a 400mm spigot. Max Airflow 7780 m3/hr
All above at free air.

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