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CBM 7/9 4p 300W RE-VR

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CBM 7/9 4p 300W RE-VR
Range of direct-driven low pressure double inlet forward curve centrifugal fans.

Casing and impeller manufactured from galvanized sheet steel.
All models incorporate speed controllable external rotor motor, fitted with thermal protection and ball bearings

IP44, Class F (models 7/7 and 7/9).
IP55, Class F (models 9/7 to 12/12).
IP54, Class F (models 12/12 1100W and 15/15 2200W).
4 or 6 pole depending on version.
Electrical supply:
Single phase 230V-50Hz, suitable for speed control by voltage.
Three phase 230/400V-50Hz, suitable for speed control by tension and frequency inverter.

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Low pressure centrifugal fans with external rotor motor CBM-RE Series

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