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  1. Gas Interlock system with Gas On Lamp

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    The GVI-002 is a gas interlock control system that can be used with either pressure switches or current sensors to monitor fans and enable the electrical supply to a gas valve actuator..

    Control panel features
    • Airflow off lamp
    • Airflow on lamp
    • Gas on lamp
    • 10 second overrun timer to overcome loss of supply to gas valve actuator in case of backdrafts

    The GVI-002 has connections for 2 current sensors. When fan current flow is proved the airflow on lamp will light and the electrical supply to the gas valve actuator will be enabled, the gas on lamp will light. When there is a loss of fan current the gas valve actuator will remain enabled for 10 seconds. This is to prevent loss of gas in the event of backdrafts. If a supply fan current sensor is fitted then both supply and extract fan current flow is to be proved before the airflow on lamp lights and the electrical supply to the gas valve actuator is enabled.

    Control panel connections
    • Electrical supply: 230v 1Ph 50Hz
    • Remote emergency stop button
    • Pressure switch/current sensor for supply fan • Pressure switch/current sensor for extract fan • Gas valve actuator: 230v 1Ph 50Hz motor open, spring return

    Remote emergency stop button connections
    The GVI-002 has connections to allow the fitting of a remote emergency stop button if required. Ask for details. When this is activated the electrical supply to the gas valve actuator will be disabled.

    Be advised pressure switches are considered better than current switches for proving airflow.

    Download specifications HERE

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