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  1. GEO Ground Source Heat Exchanger
    [GEO Ground S]

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    In the winter, domestic heat recovery units switch to a frost protection mode at low temperatures outside.This usually means that the supply fan slows down, causing an imbalance between the supply and exhaust air through the heat recovery unit. Another possibility is that a (pre-) heater is turned on, which usually consumes 1 to 2 kW of energy. In the summer, at high external temperatures, the supply air from outside can be warmer than the air inside the house. Therefore, this warm supply air can increase the temperature in the house which is undesirable.

    The horizontal ground heat exchanger GEO can offer a solution for the problems mentioned above, using a minimum of energy.

    GEO has its own control which can be used in combination with any type of heat recovery unit. This control will start the highly energy efficient pump of the GEO at specific set outside temperatures, causing the liquid to flow through the duct. The temperature of the liquid, will approach the temperature of the soil and will transfer its energy to the supply air of the heat recovery system through the battery of the GEO.

    By using GEO, the efficiency of the heat recovery can be increased.

    • With 8W energy, you can gain up to 1.5 kW.
    • Can be used in combination with any heat revocery unit up to 300m³/h.
    • Increases the efficiency of the heat recovery unit.
    • Has its own control, allowing energy consumption only when needed.
    • Has an A label-EC pump and a G4 filter for the protection of the heat exchanger.
    • Is easy to install, all in 1 case (pump, control, sensors, filters, filling and venting unit, battery, gauge, vent valve, volume meter, and pressure vessel).
    • Has a right / left version in 1 unit and the air to the heat recovery unit can be mounted both on the top and on the side.
    • Thanks to relatively thin duct (DN32), it is easy to install.
    • Is an hygienic and attractive solution.
    • Is easy to clean: condensation develops in the GEO, which is led to the sewer through the condensate drain.

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