• Model:TDTWIN800

TD Mixvent Twin Base Kit - 800

£ 118.46 (excl. VAT)

£ 142.15 (inc. VAT)

The MIXVENT-Twin consists of two MIXVENT TD fans mounted in parallel using the Kit Twin Base (suitable from 250 to 2000 model).

System specially recommended when a large airflow is required (at the same pressure) within a confined space, or where a supplementary airflow is occasionally needed. Once mounted, the whole assembly is ready to be connected to a rectangular duct using the two rectangular flanges supplied with the Kit Twin Base.

The independent operation of two MIXVENT-TD requires the use of back draft shutters at the discharge (outlet) in order to prevent the air recycling through the stationary fan.

It is also needed in installations where it is necessary to mount at the same place, two fans with the same characteristics, for extraction and supply operations.

This accessory consists of two rectangular duct couplings with standardized dimensions and two supports allowing mounting two TD or two TDx2 fans in parallel.