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  1. TUNE-R-200-3-M4 - Control Damper

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    Tune-R-3 is control damper for round ducts. It has blade tightness class 4 and casing tightness class C tested according to EN 1751. A1 version is ideal in simple installations for regulating the air volume in circular ducts. The damper special construction allows external insulation up to 50 mm. The damper can be supplied in manual or motorized version with integrated position indicator. Maximum allowed temperature is 100°C. Maximum duct pressure is 1000 Pa.

    The damper is manufactured from galvanized steel sheet and is silicone free. All gaskets are manufactured from black rubber. Plastic bushings are from PPO material. All materials are flame retardant. It is available from dimensions 80-630 mm.

    Tightness class versions
    1 - Casing tightness class A & blade tightness class 1 (no rubber gasket on inlet and no rubber gasket on blade)
    2 - Casing tightness class C & blade tightness class 1 (rubber gasket on inlet and no rubber gasket on blade)
    3 - Casing tightness class C & blade tightness class 4 (rubber gasket on inlet and rubber gasket on blade)
    Actuator versions

    H - handle (hand operated)
    M0 - preparation for actuator
    M1 - 230V rotary actuator
    M2 - 24V rotary actuator
    M3 - 24V, 0-10V operated actuator
    M4 - 230V spring return actuator
    M5 - 24V spring return actuator
    M6 - 24V, 0-10V spring return actuator


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