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  1. Versio Square Ceiling Diffusers - RS14

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    Versio is a series of square ceiling diffusers for supply and exhaust air adapted for false ceilings. Versio is, as the name implies is a versatile diffuser adaptable to suit specific needs. A large selection of face plates with different designs meet requirements for both design and function. Different types of plenum boxes ensure the possibility to connect the diffuser to the duct system, and at the same time regulate the diffusers individually.

    RS14 is a square swirl diffuser with fixed bars. RS14 can be used for both supply and exhaust air. The swirl pattern ensures high induction and a large dynamic range. It is therefore ideal for the horizontal supply of very cold>
    ~ Can be used for both supply air and exhaust
    ~ Large dynamic range
    ~ High induction
    ~ 595mm x 595mm with 200mm spigot.
    ~ Suitable for cooling at very low temperatures
    ~ Unique magnetic suspension of face plate


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