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  1. CADB/T-HE PRO-REG Series
    [CADB-HE-D 08]

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    This unit is Model:CADB-HE-D 08 RH PRO-REG VE

    Compact heat recovery unit with high-efficiency (up to 93%) counter-flow heat exchanger, EUROVENT certified. The casing is made from plasticised galvanised steel in white. Panels are double skinned with thermo-acoustic flameproof insulation (M0), made from 25mm thick fiberglass in false ceiling versions (Models 04 to 33 ) and 47mm in outdoor versions (Models 45 and 60).
    Configurable and airtight supply and exhaust spigots, suitable for horizontal and vertical installation.
    Minimum outdoor temperature -10ºC. For lower temperatures it is necessary to use preheating batteries located in the suction of the outside air.

    Commercial premises, offices, restaurants, public buildings, schools.

    Heat recovery units without additional incorporated heater.

    Heat recovery units with built-in hot water coil.
    The 3-Way valve is provided as an accessory (see accessories table for this series)

    Heat recovery units with built-in electric heater battery.

    Models 04 to 21: EC motors with integrated electronic protection, IP44, Class B.
    Models 33 to 60: EC motors with integrated electronic protection, IP 54 class B.

    Plug-fan with backward curved impeller.

    - F7: Low pressure F7 filters for supply air.
    - M5: M5 filters for extract air.
    - Possibility of mounting a second filter (accessory). It is possible to complement the heat recovery unit with a specific range of water and direct expansion coils. Also available, the exclusive module IAQ with high efficiency VOC’s and particles filtration that guarantees the filtration and purification of the outdoor air.

    It includes manual or automatic control for modes: adjustable airflow (VAV), constant pressure (COP) or constant airflow (CAV), via CO2, pressure or airflow sensors (accessories).
    Post-heating stage versions (-DC/-DI) allow postheating management depending on the temperatures taken by the temperature probes incorporated in the design.

    Ranges of product according to the type of operating control:
    VAV- variable air volume
    Fan speed can be adjusted with a 0 - 10V signal from the remote touchscreen panel (included) or an external CO2, temperature or humidity sensor (accessories).
    CAV - constant air volume
    Manual pre-setting of 2 working points the fans are controlled separately, regardless of the degree of fouling of the filters. It is necessary to add two pressure sensors TDP-S as external accessory.
    COP - constant pressure
    Constant pressure measured by an external pressure sensor TDP-S (accessory). It is necessary to add a pressure sensor TDP-S as an external accessory*.
    * To control supply and extract air separately it is necessary to install 2 pressure sensors TDP-S.

    Additional information
    Single phase (CADB-HE PRO-REG) and three phase models (CADT-HE PRO-REG).
    Airflows from 450 to 6100 m3/h at 150 Pa of static pressure available.
    All versions and models include by-pass.
    Mounting flexibility provided by the interchangeable side panels.

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