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SAVE VTC 700 L Heat Recovery Unit

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£ 3,838.80 (inc. VAT)

The SAVE VTC 700 is designed for installation on floor, in laundry room, storeroom.

The unit is double skinned, fully insulated and with complete control functions, high efficiency counterflow heat exchanger and filters. Energy efficient fans with EC motors will reduce energy consumption for transportation of ventilation air by apx. 50 % compared to traditional AC motors. Modern technology gives low SFP factor (Specific Fan Power).

The unit will automatically alternate between normal operation with heat recovery and summer operation without heat recovery. This solution will also automatically recover chilled indoor air (from cooling).

Airflow and supply air temperature can be set from one or more CD control panels. Symbol and text in the display will indicate chosen settings; re-heater operating, summer operation and need for filter change. Commissioning of airflow on supply and extract, on each step, is set from the control panel. Timer-function for automatic change between day and night operation (installations in commercial buildings) is integrated. Alarm signal will indicate possible malfunctions.

The CD panel also has a user level for authorized installers and service personnel. The CD panel is connected to the unit by means of cable with quick connectors (modular plugs), alternatively via 4-pole terminal block.

The unit is equipped with outputs to control an external hot water battery and inputs prepared for demand controlled ventilation from external sen-sors, e.g. CO2, presence or humidity sensor (potential free contact). Unit is delivered with a built-in moisture sensor that not only provides you demand controlled ventilation as standard but also is used for detecting and control defrosting in colder climate.

The unit has an automatic defrost function with the built in moisture sensor that can be chosen in 3 different modes depending on the indoor environment as well as the outdoor conditions. Without preheater in tight houses / passive houses where unbalanced airflow is not allowed the unit works down to -5°C. Without preheater when unbalance is allowed the unit works down to -15°C. Below -15°C a preheater is needed.

The VTC 700 can be supplemented with a re-heater battery  G4 filters are delivered as standard. F7 and M5 are availabe as accessories.
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