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  1. CCZ-404-T (three Phase)

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    The ducted axial fans of CCZ series are used for ducted installations requiring large airflow with relatively low pressure drop, like ventilation and cooling systems in industrial, naval, commer- cial, civil, energetic fi elds. These fans are par- ticularly easy to install and to maintain thanks to their compact size and the total absence of protruding parts. The motor-impeller groups are perfectly speed controllable and ensure low noise running. The series consists of 6 different sizes with impeller diameter from 310 to 560 mm. The fans are suitable for conveying clean air with temperature from -25°C to +60°C.


    • Short casing in steel sheet, with fi xing fl anges manufactured according to UNI ISO 6580-EU- ROVENT standard. Protected against atmos- pheric agents by epoxy paint.
    • High quality aerofoil profi led impellers in mi- neral fi bres reinforced technopolymer (310 to 400) and die cast a aluminum alloy (450 to 560). Blades are directly fi xed to the motor external rotor.
    • Execution 5 (with impeller directly coupled to the motor) and airfl ow from motor to impeller.
    • External rotor motors with built-in thermal protection, double speed three-phase and single-phase, speed adjustable. Connection box on the casing (up to model 400) and on the motor (models 450 to 560).


    • Flat protection guard (CCr)
    • Flexible connectors (CCga)
    • Support feet (CCst)
    • Inlet/outlet bell mouth (CCbo)
    • Silencers, with and without pod, in three lengths (CCsa and CCsb)
    • Counter flange flat (CCf)
    • Counter flange with collar (CCfc)
    • Anti-vibration mounts.

    • Casing protected against atmospheric agents by hotdip galvanizing
    • Portable versions, with casing support (CCP

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